October 13, 2019

Life Rainbow Beyond the Middle East War (Turkey's war against the Kurds)

June 21, 2019

Can fiction help an anti-death penalty campaign in Iran?

April 28, 2019


March 16, 2019

Terrorist attack on two mosques in New Zealand

March 13, 2019

...The 7-year prison sentence against #Ms. Sotoudeh, like hundreds of other similar sentences

January 16, 2019

Stop torture

December 31, 2018

Christmas Celebration 2019

December 24, 2018

Death in prison and ten questions

December 12, 2018

The 70th Anniversary of the Birth of the Constitution of the Earth

November 14, 2018

Execution of two persons for economic offenses

July 21, 2018

Doctors co-operate with violent punishments

July 04, 2018

Alliance of Human Rights Enemies in Paris Rental Rally

January 21, 2018

Ethnic Rights Against Human Rights

August 17, 2017

We Are All Potential Murderers

November 29, 2015

The Abolitionist Movement in Iran

By Ali Shirzadi,
On the Death Penalty in Iran, " The Abolitionist Movement in Iran "pub: Together against the Death Penalty (Ensemble contre la peine de mort - ECPM) ,P 104 – 108

April 19, 2014

Emadeddin Baghi, le combattant contre la peine de mort en Iran

November 20, 2013

Letter to French President Hollande on Iran Nuclear Talks

This letter was sent by the French Embassy for Mr Hollande.

October 03, 2013

Moving Beyond Sanctions

Published on The weekly Aseman(Sky) The Persian Magazine No. 62 Saturday,5 oct 2013 (Persian date Mehr 12 1392) Page 40 As: Disapproval of sanctions: Attempt to moralize politics

July 10, 2013

Message to 5th World Congress Against the Death Penalty

The following is the manuscript of Emadeddin Baghi's speech delivered in 5th World Congress Against the Death Penalty on 12 June 2013.
because Emadeddin Baghi Was prohibited from leaving his country His message was read by his representative.

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June 08, 2011

Offer University of support for Baghi

September 28, 2010

Amnesty: Iran urged to end harassment of rights activist facing seven years in prison

September 25, 2010

Statement of The Observatory About the new sentence to six years in prison for baghi

September 22, 2010

In addition to 7 years in prison, Baghi sentenced to 5 years civil deprivation

August 05, 2010

Emaddedin Baghi Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison and 5 Years Ban from Political and Media Activities

July 31, 2010


June 30, 2010

Award-winning Iranian journalist released on bail

June 05, 2010

Maryam Baghi’s Letter to Her Father Emadeddin Baghi on the Occasion of his Hundred and eightieth Day of Incarceration

May 31, 2010

Declaration of the French MFA spokesman (April 28th, 2010)

May 26, 2010

Emadeddin Baghi : un journaliste iranien en prison(lefigaro

January 20, 2010

martinennals.F: EMAD BAGHI ARRESTED 28 DECEMBER 2009

December 25, 2009


December 21, 2009

lastampa: Signor Baghi lei non vivrà molto a lungo

November 16, 2009

Ceremony for EMAD BAGHI: Speech by Hans Thoolen, Chairman MEA- Speech by Navanethem Pillay UN High Commissioner for Human Rights- Message from Emadeddin Baghi

Laureate MEA 2009 highly honored in absence

Ceremony for EMAD BAGHI
Laureate of the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders (MEA)
Victoria Hall, Geneva, 2 November 2009, 18h00

Video of the work of Emad Baghi

Speeches of the Ceremony 2009

Proposal for a Prisoners’ Rights Day

Biography inside

PRESS RELEASE: Iranian Human Rights Defender banned from receiving major human rights award in Geneva

November 11, 2009

amnesty: Iranian activist banned from receiving human rights award in Geneva

November 05, 2009

Iran- UPDATE- Iranian human rights defender Mr Emad Baghi prevented from receiving major human rights award in Geneva

November 01, 2009

Message from Emadeddin Baghi, Laureate of the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders, 2009.

May 20, 2009

The Martin Ennals Award 2009 goes again to a Human Rights Defender from Iran

November 15, 2008

declaration of amnesty after released

declaration of amnesty

Rights group criticises Iran over prisoners of conscience

June 01, 2008

Award-winning Iranian journalist hospitalised in jail: report

Amnesty International concerned about jailed Iranian human rights defender Emadeddin Baghi

May 04, 2008

Prominent Iranian Human Rights Defender Emaddedin Baghi Detained

May 01, 2008

Heart attack prompts call for release of international journalist of the year

April 09, 2008

Statement for the British Press Awards

Emadeddin Baghi had been imprisoned once for 3 years in 1379- 1381 (2000-2002) due to his articles about "criticizing the death penalty" and "clarifying and enlightening about the murder of Persian intellectuals". After being released, he had been focused on Human Rights Literature together with research and writing and thus established the association for the defense of prisoners' rights. Also he created another association devoted to criticizing the death penalty. He practically involved in prisoners'-related issues.

He was imprisoned again in 22 Mehr 1386 (14, October 2007) thanks to writing a collection of articles in Persian Medias inside the country and he will return to prison next week at the conclusion of a temporary leave for medical treatment . In the last days of his temporary leave, he was informed that he has appointed and nominated by the Foreign Press Association and the judges of the British Press Awards as the International Journalist of the Year 2008. Today (8^th of April) the ceremony will be held in London. Since Baghi has been banned to leave the country, Mr. Drewery Dyke (one of the authorities of Amnesty International) will take part on his behalf and will read his article and receive the prize.
this is his article:

March 30, 2008

Sharia and Islamic Jurisprudence Allow for Abolition of the Death Penalty Arabic translation of “Right to Life” by Emad Baghi

February 02, 2008

Pro-reform journalist arrested in Iran

statement of Committee for Academic & Intellectual Freedom

October 14, 2007

Letter to Ayatollah Seyyed Mahmoud Shahroudi

September 22, 2007

Canceling Death Sentence is Assessed as Contradiction of Koran: Iranian Law Observer

September 06, 2007

Letter of application to parties leaders inside Iran for reacting against waves of executions in Iran

August 16, 2007

Rama Yade : Emadeddin Baghi journaliste iranien et défenseur des droits de l'Homme condamné à trois ans de prison

August 15, 2007

Iran – Statement by Mme Rama Yade, Minister of State responsible for Foreign Affairs and Human Rights

August 05, 2007

STATEMENT OF THE OBSERVATORY for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders on emededdin baghi and his familly

August 02, 2007

The Bloodied Stone

A journalist arrested and sent to Evin prison, another gets three-year sentence

July 09, 2007

The Issue of Executions of under-18 in Iran

July 02, 2007

Hard Realities of Soft Power

June 10, 2007

Did the U.S. Incite Iran 's Crackdown?

May 18, 2007

Requesting from the world human rights communities regarding the 75 milion dollars budget by the US

April 29, 2007

Lone challenger to Iran's orthodoxy on the death penalty

February 24, 2007

An open letter by a group of Iranian academics, writers, and artists regarding the Tehran Conference on Holocaust Denial

February 01, 2007

Rapport analytique des exécutions qui ont eu lieu en République Islamique d'Iran depuis s es débuts

"Le 3e Congrès Mondial Contre la Peine de Mort", s'est déroulé du 1-3 février 2007 à Paris. Ce congrès a été organisé par CEPM ( http://www.abolition.fr/ecpm ) avec la participation de cinq associations actives dans le domaine des droits de l'homme.

Le 20 janvier (30 dey 1385) ILNA Presse a souligné l'importance de la participation de l'association iranienne, « Les Gardiens du Droit à la Vie », au Congrès. Cette association est active dans le domaine des droits de l'homme, et milite spécialement pour abolition de la peine capitale. C'est la première fois qu'une association iranienne est invitée à un congrès international sur ce sujet.

Le président de l'association iranienne, M. Emadeddine BAGHI, devait être le seul intervenant iranien au Congrès. Il n'a pas pu se présenter au Congrès, car il est interdit de sortie d'Iran pour des raisons politiques. Son frère, M. Mohamad-Hossein BAGHI, et son avocat, M. Saleh NIKBAKHT, présentèrent son article au Congrès.


Voici l'article de M. Emaddedine BAGHI:

November 04, 2006

Iran: Writers, Publishers Warn Of Industry Clampdown

September 26, 2006

With a Restive Arab Minority

Iranian Clerics’ Angling Stirs Worry on Absolute Rule

September 16, 2006

Stop executions

The following text has been reflected in inner Medias, Persian radios outside of Iran such as BBC, German, French and Farda Radio. They have done some interviews about this text.

September 14, 2006

Silencing Dissent

September 02, 2006

Iranians taste freedoms on own terms Dissidents shun US assistance

August 23, 2006

August 22, 2006

World: Islam And Human Rights

Radio Free Europe
Radio Lebirty

Is the concept of an Islamic state compatible with accepted notions of human rights? Can the modern concept of human rights make headway in the face of religious dogma and Islamic traditions? Emad Baghi, the head of the Tehran-based Organization for the Defense of Prisoners' Rights, knows at first hand the political sensitivity of new interpretations of religious texts, especially those involving human rights and the death penalty: in 2000, Baghi, then the editor in chief of the journal "Fath," was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison for writing about the death penalty and retribution, as well as the killing of political and intellectual dissidents.

In this interview, Baghi, who was released in 2003 after three years in prison, explains the difficulties of securing respect for human rights in Muslim countries as a result of the eclipse of a deeply rooted humanist tradition in Islam. In answers given to Fatemah Aman of Radio Farda, he sketches out the battle lines in debates about human rights -- within Islam, within Iran, between the secular and religious of all religions, and between tradition and modernity -- and argues that there are traditions both of Islamic law and Islamic mysticism in which modern concepts of human rights can be bedded. Tradition and modernity can coexist in Islamic society, he maintains, and those who want to promote human rights need to explore those religious traditions.

June 19, 2006

Appeal to Stop the Death Penalty and a Fair Process for the Cases of 9 Charged in Ahwaz

This letter has been published completely and/or briefly in domestic press and Persian sites

June 11, 2006

The Society for Defending Prisoners' Rights Annual Report on the State of Prisons in Iran

part One

part Two

April 09, 2006

Iranian Dissident Released From Jail By Karl Vick

Giving ‘Freedom’ a Bad Name

Fisk Vick, Again

March 26, 2006

Iran: Reinterpreting Ashura ‎

March 14, 2006

U.S. Push for Democracy Could Backfire Inside Iran

March 13, 2006

Il nucleare? Iran sospeso fra dubbi e paure

January 23, 2006

Letter From Iran: Getting to Know Ahmadinejad

December 28, 2005

Le Journal du Dimanche – Interview avec Emadeddin Baghi.‎

December 14, 2005


December 13, 2005

Emadeddin Baghi : la lutte pour le droit à la vie‎

November 26, 2005

France awards prize to Iran dissident

November 24, 2005

awarded France's annual human rights

November 21, 2005

Prix des droits de l'homme de la R鰵blique Fran硩se Laur顴s 2005

November 15, 2005

A Third voice on Iranian Nuclear Issue

November 14, 2005

Protect the middle ground on the Iranian nuclear issue

November 08, 2005

Ahmadinejad will have to become more moderated‎

Vanna Vannuccini: Iran. "Ahmadinejad dovrà moderarsi". Colloquio con Emadeddin Baghi

October 20, 2005

Soldiers of the Hidden Imam

September 10, 2005

THE ROVING EYE The humanist reformer

August 23, 2005

Iranian Reformers Change Course

Double Standards and Deception: How the Left Treats Iran and the Middle East

August 08, 2005

A Question of Numbers

August 04, 2005

Iran’s new era: nine lessons for reformers

Emadeddin Baghi

Emadeddin Baghi is one of Iran’s leading dissident intellectuals. He is the author of twenty books (six of which have been banned) and has been an editor and writer for myriad reform publications, most of which have been shut down.

In his book The Tragedy of Democracy in Iran (1998), he accused top government officials of complicity in the assassination of political dissidents. In 2000 he was sentenced to seven years in prison (reduced to three years on appeal) for “insulting sanctities”, “undermining national security”, and “putting out false news”.

In 2004 Emadeddin Baghi was awarded the Civil Courage Prize, but was, at the final hour, prohibited from leaving Iran to accept it. He remains in Iran today, with the threat of re-imprisonment constantly hanging over his head. His website is at www.emadbaghi.com/en.

July 23, 2005

Many of Iran's Prisoners of Conscience are indeed the Prisoners of their own Conscience

July 14, 2005

Iran: Verletzung von Menschenrechten auf der Tagesordnung

June 29, 2005


May 19, 2005

"Right" or "Privilege"

This essay was presented to the second meeting from a series of meetings held by the Association for Defending Prisoners' Rights, regarding the prisoners' life conditions. This meeting was held on Sunday 23 Isfand 1383, coinciding 13 March 2005, in Tehran university of medical science, the health faculty amphitheatre.

May 15, 2005

Court summons against Emadoldin Baghi cancelled but vigilance remains

May 11, 2005

Bloggers, Baghi and rafsanjani...

May 01, 2005

Emad Baghi Detained by Authorities

January 16, 2005

Prisoners’ Living Conditions

January 10, 2005


December 25, 2004

Democracy, prerequisite of rights’: Iran’s Baghi

November 28, 2004

the Discourse of Dialogue in Islam

November 23, 2004

Iran, Emadeddin Baghi racconta il difficile cammino verso la libertà

October 29, 2004

European Parliament:MEPs condemn execution of children and persecution of journalists

October 26, 2004

Iran; Smooth Transformations

October 25, 2004

Hope for Democracy in Iran

October 18, 2004

Iran: Barred from international travel, writer misses Courage Award ceremony

Journalist grounded

US says 'gravely concerned' about Iranian arrest

October 13, 2004

2004 Civil Courage Prize Honorees

October 07, 2004

Mounting threats to journalists

October 06, 2004

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL:End limitations on the work of human rights defenders

October 04, 2004

Death Penalty in Iran: a Report and Analysis (2000 – 2004)

This article has been send to The 2nd World Congress Against the Death Penalty, jointly organized by ECPM (Ensemble Contre la Peine de Mort / Together against the Death Penalty) and PRI (Penal Reform International) be held in Montreal, Canada, from October 6 to 9, 2004
Consequently of the prevention of writer to exit Iran, the article has been presented to the conference .

August 31, 2004

IFJ Condemns “Dirty Politics” of Iranian Judiciary as Press Closures Follow Court

Iranian Prosecutor Shuts 2 Newspapers

August 22, 2004


August 15, 2004

Human rights defenders in Iran continue to suffer harassment

July 09, 2004

In Iran, the Staying Power of the Press

July 08, 2004

European Union challenged about the Middle East's biggest prison for journalists

May 04, 2004

Iran loses faith in clerics as change in rigid society becomes elusive

March 09, 2004


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March 02, 2004

Iran, ora il potere imbavaglia i riformisti

December 29, 2003

Le Parole sotto il velo

Prominent Iranian journalist gets one-year suspended

^Associated Press Writer=
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) _ An investigative journalist who
accused a former Cabinet minister of murdering
dissidents has been convicted in the Revolutionary
Court and given a suspended sentence of one year's
imprisonment, his lawyer said Thursday.
Emadeddin Baqi, author of the book "Tragedy of
Democracy in Iran," was found guilty of campaigning
against the ruling Islamic establishment and working
in favor of opposition groups, said lawyer Saleh

April 06, 2003

The Millimeter Revolution

This is a great article about Emad Baghi one of the most dedicated reformers in Iran. I think you will find this to be an interesting read. I believe that change in Iran will come through internal reformers such as Emad NOT the LA Party Grouplets and little Reza junior who are not willing to make the sacrifices its takes to make their country a better place. Well this is unless someone else is willing to do the suffering for them! These are the people along with AIPAC that are encouraging the US to attack Iran next so they will keep dreaming as Emad and his likes keep on fighting for their country.
April 6, 2003
Newyork Times magazine

December 00, 0000

Appel à la libération de M. Emadeddin Baghi


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