October 29, 2004

European Parliament:MEPs condemn execution of children and persecution of journalists

Iran: MEPs condemn execution of children and persecution of
Joint motion for a resolution on Iran
Doc.: B6-0107/2004, B6-0113/2004, B6-0116/2004, B6-0118/2004, B6-0121/2004, B6-0124/2004
Debate/Vote: 28.10.2004

In a resolution adopted by 105 votes in favour and none against with six abstentions, MEPs strongly condemn the execution in Iran of the 16 year old Ateqeh Rajabi and all other death sentences and executions of child offenders in that country. They call on the Iranian authorities immediately to halt all attempts at stoning and to prevent any further application of the death penalty to minors. They reiterate their general opposition to the death penalty and hopes that a judicial reform in Iran will bring this inhumane practice to an end.

Parliament also condemns the recent arbitrary arrests of journalists, and calls on the authorities to release all prisoners prosecuted or sentenced for press- and opinion-related offences. It condemns the travel ban that was imposed on journalist and human rights activist Emadeddin Baghi, as on many other Iranian citizens. It calls on the Iranian Parliament to adapt the Iranian Press Law and the Penal Code to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and notably to repeal all criminal provisions dealing with the peaceful expression of opinion, including in the press. MEPs call on the Iranian authorities to stop the practice of arresting family members of journalists and reformers.

Parliament demands that the Presidency of the Council and the Member States’ diplomatic representatives in Iran urgently undertake concerted action with regard to these concerns and calls on the Council to present a resolution on behalf of the European Union on the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran for the next session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Finally, MEPs call on the Council and the Commission to monitor developments in Iran closely and to raise their serious concerns about human rights abuses in the framework of the EU-Iran human rights dialogue.

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