December 25, 2004

Democracy, prerequisite of rights’: Iran’s Baghi

Wednesday, December 22, 2004 - ©2004

LONDON, Dec 22 (IranMania) – Iranian human rights advocate, Emadoddin Baghi believes that the enemies of democracy in Iran intend to portray religion as being in contrast with democracy, Iran Emrooz said.

The Secretary of the Iran’s Association of Defense for Political Prisoners reiterated: “Religion is intertwined within Iranian society and to push through with democracy this issue has to be considered.”

However he referred to observance of human rights as the main priority of every society adding: “Democracy-seeking is an issue in which the elite of the society including political and social activists are interested. Democracy is one of the principles of human rights so much so that establishment of democracy in Iran will definitely pave the way for the solving of human rights problems.”

Referring to the unfulfilled promises of the 2nd Khordad Front, the renowned Iranian historian said: “In the years following President Khatami’s election many promises were given, but only a handful of them have come true.”

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