January 16, 2005

Prisoners’ Living Conditions

Defending Prisoners Rights Association Seminars on

Defending Prisoners’ Rights Association is planning to hold series of seminars on prisoner’s general problems according to implementary regulations of prisons, constitutional, general, legal laws and human rights.
Each seminar is planned to examine one single right of the prisoners and the issues related to it.


1. Recognition of prisoners’ legal rights
2. The way of accomplishing these rights and proposing practical guidelines to achieve applicable state

Topics to be presented in upcoming seminars on aspects of prisoners’ lives

1st session: Nourishment (Thursday 17 February 2005)
2nd Session: Leaves of Absence, Visits, Prison Dress, Blindfolds and  (Thursday 10 March 2005)
3rd Session: Health and Medical Treatment (Thursday 14 April 2005)
4th Session: Rights on Cultural Products, Having Access to Newspapers, Books, Television Programmes, etc. (Thursday 19 May 2005)
5th Session: Employment and Education (Thursday 16 June 2005)
6th session: Solitary Confinement (Thursday 18 August 2005)
7th Session: Conducts of Prison Wardens with Prisoners (Thursday 16 June 2005)

In every session of the seminars the topic under discussion would be presented as follows:

1. Prisoners’ rights in with reference to topic of discussion would be examined in accordance with the constitution law, universal declaration of human rights and its supplemental protocols, civil and criminal procedures, Islamic penal codes and other public laws, implementary regulations.
2. Prison laws and regulations, with relevance to the topic under discussion, in the legal systems of other countries.
3. Reports from prisons and prisoners in connection with the topic of the seminar.

• Conclusion: Explanations by relevant Officials

• Special article to be presented in the last seminar: Developments of implementary regulations from the beginning to the present day based on the discussion topics of the seminars.

Time and place: 9 -12 am .Assembly Hall, Tehran University, 16 azarAve, Tehran.

Note: All received articles will be reviewed by the panel of experts and one would be chosen to be read in the seminar. The rest would be considered for further publication.

Address :
4thfloor, No.15, First Building, Ketabi junction, northern Qeytarye ,
Tel: +98 21 2055401
Fax: +98 21 2230790

Research and Promotion Committee of DPRA

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