September 22, 2010

In addition to 7 years in prison, Baghi sentenced to 5 years civil deprivation

Emadeddin Baghi, Iranian Journalist and human rights activist, was sentenced to 6 years in prison in the case of interviewing with the late Grand Ayatollah Montazeri. The interview broadcasted on BBC Persian on January 2010 after the late Ayatollah departed this life. Baghi’s court case was held in branch 26 under the presidency of Pir Abasi on August 17, 2010. Baghi has been accused of propaganda against the system and colluding against the security of the regime. According to Baghi, most of his interrogations related to his views about death penalty and his collaboration with human rights organizations and his activities in defending prisoners’ rights society but the main charges against him is to do a historical interview with the late Ayatollah.

This is while, last month branch 15 of the revolutionary court, under the presidency of Salavati, charged Baghi to 1 year in prison and 5 years deprivation of civil activities. It means baghi has formally been charged to 7 years in prison. The Journalist and researcher has been sent behind bars 3 times and totally 4/5 years since May 2000.
In addition, Baghi had to be attend before the court on 30th Shahrivar 1389 (September 21, 2010 ) in Branch 1057 of the Public Court for another charge related to the case of the Defending Prisoners’ Rights Society.
The verdict issued by Branch 26 of the revolutionary court under the authority of Pir Abbasi has not only dinied Baghi’s citizenship hintingly and while Baghi has been banned to leave the country for several years but Pir Abbasi has utilized illogical and unreasonable issues against baghi such as communicating with foreign countries. This is unconnected to the charges mentioned (meaning interviewing with the late Grand Ayatollah Montazeri) and is absent in the court case .
This is part of the verdict in which the judge has mentioned:
“Mr. Emadeddin baghi considers these activities as the symbol of freedom of expression. The contents of his case prove his communication with the foreign countries who are trying to topple the system. They have done whatever they could but they were not able to do something against the system. He is an Iranian Citizen in appearance but he has done all he can to help foreign countries. For example, getting in touch with UNUCEF in name of research activities related to the Rights of the Children and those sentenced to Capital Punishment shows his connection with the west. So such person does the interview with Ayatollah Montazeri with the aim of causing harm to the security of the country particularly that the content of the interview produces ambiguity and nonconformity in the history of the revolution and the goals of the Islamic Country.
It is illogic that the BBC Persian arranges the interview just for the entertainment. On the other hand, Mr. baghi has not permitted the “bureau of Ayatollah Montazeri” or the BBC Persian to make clear that who was the interviewer. If there was not any special comment on that, why Mr. Baghi prevented it from broadcasting?
So, the so called human rights activities of Mr. Baghi, his convictions and his coming and going to the foreign embassies in Tehran are the examples to prove his charges. According to the articles 500 and 610 of the Islamic Punishment law Baghi sentenced to 1 year in prison and 5 years for action against national security and colluding for toppling against the system”.

Statistical view

Baghi is a 49 year old researcher and having 3 daughters. He is a hard working author with 27 books during the last 30 years. Of which 13 books have been banned to publication or has not permitted by the Guidance Ministry. Some of his books have been translated to Arabic in Arab countries such as Egypt and Lebanon and some others have been translated to Eglish. Some of the Dailies he had been working for were all banned including khordad, Fath dailies and Jame’e No weekly. According to the letter written by his wife to the ex- judicial chief, baghi has been summoned before the court for more the 85 times and has been sentenced several times. All of the pressures exerted against him is because of his human rights activities.

Totally, during the last 10 years he was fined financially and 18/5 years in prison and 5 years deprivation of civil activities which some of them has been broken in review court. Till now, he has been sentenced to 4/5 years in prison and since last week 7 more years added to his case. The result of the coming court (September 21, 2010) is not clear.

The point is that baghi has never had radical stance and during the recent years all he has done had been in the area of human rights (theoretical activities) particularly in the area of the rights of prisoners and death penalty. According to the testimony of the lawyers and the law, the sentences against him are totally illegal and have been issued by authorities who are beyond law. You can find more information on his website which has been filtered a couple of months ago.
Some of the Persian-language media that have published news

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