July 04, 2018

Alliance of Human Rights Enemies in Paris Rental Rally

Emaddedin Baghi

The news of the rally of Rajavi Group with the presence of several US officials in France have provoked the anger of the independent, nationalist and libertarian forces in Iran and they regard this rally as insulting that a group with such a disgraceful background and as the official infantry of a foreign power aspire for taking over the power in Iran.

As a human rights activist, I also regard the group's leader invitation to revolt, which is to spur violence and disrupt and Syrianization of Iran, as a crime against the human rights. We will never shelter the worst option, even if we fed up with the present government. This group is the same group that had formed a small government in CampAshraf, Iraq, with 500 imprisoned in a garrison of 3000.

Human Rights Watch as a credible international human rights institution published a shocking report after a field study from Camp Ashraf was conducted. It was not believable that in addition to torture, imprisonment, sexual repression and violations of freedom of speech and human dignity, there may exist such a hideous sectarian government in this era. Similar to North Korea, only Mojahed radio and television were authorized and any other media were banned. They must have begun their morning ceremony with the slogan of “Iran-Rajavi” as a worship song. Are they now going to apply their model nationwide? Rajavi Group and several American politicians appear not to believe in the intelligence and talent of the Iranian people who have already passed such styles and models. In fact, these American politicians insult the character and intelligence of Iranians by advocating this cult.

I call them Rajavi Group to avoid misusing the original MujahidinOrganization (MeK) title founded by Hanif and Sharif.

This group, once in the 1980s, by entering terror and armed phase, provided the opportunity for violent streams to take over in the system and it inflicted us with a violence cycle for 30 years and this left Iran behind.

After joining the Saddam’s Army, and now using the Saudi Arabia’s funds and coalition with Israel and Trump, with the slogan requesting that people scarifies themselves for a fight in the Paris rally, they want to destroy the process of gradual political progress and changes in Iran.

Surprisingly, the group has not yet formally condemned the crimes they committed by assassinations of US officials and Pahlavi court officials in Iran at the time, as well as assassinations of post Iranian revolutionary officials. Rather, they have joined the army of Saddam and the Americans who overthrew Saddam by military strike are now untied with the Saddam's allies. How is it possible to believe the human rights violations of Iran as claimed by Trump’s team?

As someone who is honored to receive several international and domestic human rights awards (from the dissidents), I hereby announce that I have defended to the extent possible the prisoners' rights with any viewpoint, wherever violated, (even if attributed to this group). I consider some of the group members as noble individuals whose lives are wasted in this group. However, I regard this group as a sectarian group whose actions are anti-human rights. Defending the legal rights of individuals does not imply defending the nature of their crimes.

Let’s everyone know that considering the Rajavi cult, due to his history and background, this cult does not have any social base in Iran. This group only rides on the media waves and seduces some people thru brainwashing them. Perhaps, they may be able to deceive some naïve individuals, but certainly, the Iranian nation will not be deceived by this group anymore.

Of course, those so-called security agents and government media who attributed the legitimate people protests to this group in order to justify the people suppression (including the 2009 reformists’ million-member rally) and magnified this group capability should nowcollect its harvest. Accordingly, Rajavi group misused these false internal claims and exaggerated its capability in the view ofthe world (outside Iran) and sold the news. Both are enemies to each other, but both have common goals towards cutting the reform process and peaceful gradual changes in Iran, like the blades of a scissor.

(This article was published in Sazandegi Daily, No. 105, July 3, 2018, with some censorship.)

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