July 21, 2018

Doctors co-operate with violent punishments

Emadeddin Baghi

In a meeting with physicians, one of my criticisms was that the presence of physicians in the execution of hand amputation, limb retaliation, and the fact that instead of declaring that according to the research, the people under 18 are not typically mentally mature, forensic doctors in some cases by confirming the mental maturity of the adolescents, contribute to their execution and in so doing, they commit an act against human rights and Sharia, which is contrary to professional commitment.

And the Iranian Medical Council Organization should not be indifferent in this regard. The Amnesty International also saw this as a complicity in the execution of juveniles. Today, I saw the statement by the World Association of Physicians on the complicity of Iranian physicians with juvenile execution. It was right for our doctors to take the lead in this regard.


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