November 14, 2018

Execution of two persons for economic offenses

I could not believe that today Vahid Mazloumin and Mohammadesmaeil Ghasemi were to be executed, until I heard the news of death sentence of the two economic defendants. It really needs to be explained with which human rights and even religious principles can human life be abolished with these allegations? Is there no prison sentence in the law in case they have committed any crimes? Why are the structural and managerial roots of economic problems covered up and ignored by resorting to this type of fault finding?
I say my condolences to the families and survivors of the executed, who, through the public indifference, became the victim of a crisis whose main culprits were others. If trump had not withdrawn from JCOPA, and if Iran had another type of relations with the world, would there be any such currency and coin defendants?
I intended to write a note on the contradiction of such verdicts with human rights and even with the very traditional jurisprudence claimed and invoked by the state, but unfortunately I was too busy.
Is the problem of economic crimes really to be solved with such executions?
Emadeddin baghi
14 NOV 2018

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