October 13, 2019

Life Rainbow Beyond the Middle East War (Turkey's war against the Kurds)


Sazandegi Newspaper, No. 497 Sunday13 Oct 2019. P2

As if the people in the tumultuous region of the Middle East were cursed; there is no day without the news of war, death and disaster from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Syria. The news of the imminent invasion of turkey to Syrian Kurds, that’s just what we didn’t need along with the news on riots, corruption, unemployment and poverty in Iraq as well as those of deaths and injuries in Afghanistan and Libya. In fact, it added insult to injury.
These are all Muslims who fight against each other and it seems that out of every 100 people killed in the region, 99 are killed by the Muslems themselves. This is while the most emphasis in this religion is on avoiding racism and emphasizing piety, as a measure of virtue, as well on tolerance among religions. But ethnic strife and religious violations are rampant in the region. Nevertheless, the Muslims expect the world to view Islam as the religoin of mercy and tolerance. In fact, the biggest enmity with this ritual and its defamation is done by the followers of the same religion and those deragatory caricatures of the two European journals(#Charlie_Hebdo and Danish newspaper #Jyllands_Posten ) are the result of such acts, but the Muslims attack the caricatures and do not see their role in the emergence of such views.   
I have been worrying about houses that wil mourn in the loss of their loved ones from the very moment I heard the news of Turkey imminent invasion, and finally happened what should not have happened. It's a weird world. #Turkey launches a military strike on the #Syrian_Kurds, calling the operation "Peace Springs" and announcing its goal of restoring peace and stability, similar to what Israel, the US, Syria and Russia have done and are doing by waging wars. They see everything from their point of view, not from the sight of women, men, and children being shot, and the mother whose child is torn in front of her eyes, and the woman whose husband is destroyed, and the families whose home is destroyed.
Weren't there any ways to block the corridor claimed by the Turkish government through negotiations, wall borders, blockage or the like?
In fact, the  word counter-terrorism has recently been used as an excuse to justify war and violence. Terrorism is what everyone calls it terrorism, not just the beneficiary government. This kind of confrontation with the issue of “terrorism" only creates the opportunity for terrorism to emerge and actually it resurgents the ISIS.
This #Turkish_war effort which, imitating the US, began in the name of war against terrorism, makes the old Turkish-Kurdish conflict more institutionalized, which means reinforcing the fountain of war for a longer time while the fountain of peace is the eradication of the ground for conflicts. The peace medal is for the  person who makes the fountain of peace like that, not with war and intensifying ethnic hatred. 
I have always wondered why, despite the coexistence of the most Iranian ethnicities, such as the Turks, the Kurds, the Lurs, the #Baluchis, The Farsis, The Arabs and the #Gilaks, there is no intimacy between some Iranian Kurds and Turks, while the two group of Turks and Lurs are living side by side and there is no rationale for any animocity. This dilemma reflects more objectively in our own Orumiyeh, where the two ethnic groups live together, while there is no rationale for such a disparity, but one says the Kurds must learn and speak Turkish, while the other says a council member's speech in Kurdish threatens the national security and every day we witness an accident.  In fact, the captial and energy of these people is spent on such worthless issues rather than on development issues. The central government must constantly be on guard and spend much  costs to make sure that there is no accident. The Turkish war against the Syrian Kurds is the product of such a historical ethnic conflict that affects all the Turkish and Kurdish ethnic groups in the region and it surely shall affect nations such as Iran whose diverse ethnici

ties have coexisted for centuries within a single land. Perhaps part of the animosities between Turks and Kurds in other countries also reflects the long and bloody Turkish-Kurdish clashes in Turkey. In fact, with its war against the Syrian Kurds, Turkey is spreading this ethnic hatred and imposing a war on the whole region, even though it may be an emotional war,  that could be the bedrock of chronic conflicts for the future. From this point of view, the Iranian government should not be indifferent. Since Turkey's action will affect Iran's national security in the long run, the Iranian government must mediate peace and prevent Turkey from continuing the violence. The diversity of Middle Eastern ethnicities can be a rich resource for the region's cultural and biological rainbow and an attraction for humanity, but ethnic governments have turned this opportunity of life into an opportunity of death and war. The rise of the Justice and Development Party in Turkey and its initial promises and motives created a wave of hope for regional reconciliation, but the Turkish government's recent moves dashed those hopes and have turned those hopes into despair..
Iran and Turkey, could  have solved the historical Kurd-Turk problem, shoulder to shoulder, in favour of the regions' peaceful living rainbow; but alas, Turkey was not able to get rid of the bondage of old grudges. There is still a chance for real springs of peace if the Turkish government goes out of the circle of ethnocentrism and looks at ethnic and regional issues with pure human rights standards and seeks solutions.
The Middle East is hungry for #peace, coexistence and development, and its people need life, prosperity, security as well as forward-looking and benevolent governments.

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