April 09, 2008

Statement for the British Press Awards

Emadeddin Baghi had been imprisoned once for 3 years in 1379- 1381 (2000-2002) due to his articles about "criticizing the death penalty" and "clarifying and enlightening about the murder of Persian intellectuals". After being released, he had been focused on Human Rights Literature together with research and writing and thus established the association for the defense of prisoners' rights. Also he created another association devoted to criticizing the death penalty. He practically involved in prisoners'-related issues.

He was imprisoned again in 22 Mehr 1386 (14, October 2007) thanks to writing a collection of articles in Persian Medias inside the country and he will return to prison next week at the conclusion of a temporary leave for medical treatment . In the last days of his temporary leave, he was informed that he has appointed and nominated by the Foreign Press Association and the judges of the British Press Awards as the International Journalist of the Year 2008. Today (8^th of April) the ceremony will be held in London. Since Baghi has been banned to leave the country, Mr. Drewery Dyke (one of the authorities of Amnesty International) will take part on his behalf and will read his article and receive the prize.
this is his article:


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